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What is a business account?

Find out more about business accounts with Verbit Go.

Having a business account means you will receive an invoice for all files in your project when it's completed, rather than paying by card for each transaction.  

Our credit terms are 30 days as standard, and we'll perform a credit check on your company before deciding on your account status. 

Once you submit your application, your business account status will be 'Pending'.  You can upload files and bypass payment while the account is pending, and we'll have a decision by the time your files are due to be returned to you.  

We'll only be in touch if we need further information or aren't able to offer a credit account.  Otherwise, you can assume it's been approved. 

Once your business account is approved, you'll be able to: 

  • Invite your colleagues to join your business account so they can also pay on completion of their project 
  • Give full access to your projects to other members of your business account 
  • Allow other users (inside or outside of your business account) to upload into your project on your behalf 

Find out how to register for a business account here