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What is it like to work Freelance?

A brief guide to the reality of working as a freelance transcriber.

When you say you freelance, plenty of people think you simply don’t work and have all the time in the world to listen to their problems. That’s not the case at all, it requires great self-discipline. Certain types of freelance work, like transcription can be much needed additional income that slots brilliantly into your schedule. We hear from our transcriber Solfa on how working freelance fits with her lifestyle.

The freelance lifestyle

I’d like to think I belong to the trendy, self-employed elite, but as a composer and musician, I spend more time in front of music stands than laptops. Unless, of course, I’m ‘doing a Take Note’. I often have to listen to pieces of music repeatedly to create matching scores. So for me, part-time transcription work is refreshing by comparison.

Transcription work: As refreshing as this watermelon?

Transcription work: As refreshing as this watermelon?

Fitting it around your schedule

Working from home means I can start my shift at the same time as my housemates and get up 40 minutes later. If I have piano teaching in the afternoon, I can cram in an early shift when I would otherwise be twiddling my thumbs, watching ‘The Wright Stuff’. If I have a rehearsal until 9pm, I can still do a late shift afterwards. The fact that I’m working from home, often in my pyjamas, punctuating shifts by watching cat videos, sweetens the deal.

working from home

Let’s do lunch

In terms of social life, I joke to friends that, as a freelance worker, I can have a three-hour lunch or hang out in a beer garden in the middle of the day. Sadly, in reality, those beer gardens are pretty lonely in the afternoons, and I don’t recall the last time I had a three-hour lunch! The real benefit is for those impulse social outings, where you’re free to go out mid-week and finish a file when you get home.

work life balance

The beer garden of dreams.

Keep it regular

Unfortunately, sometimes you’re having so much fun enjoying your freedom, you forget to sign up for next week’s shifts! It’s important to keep a balance and have a regular shift that you know you can commit to weekly, and then if you find yourself with some spare time, you can use it wisely to rack up some extra cash at shorter notice. Freedom, flexibility and cat videos…what could be better?


We recognise that in life, people have all sorts of commitments they need to keep. That’s why our transcription work is flexible and part time. If you are looking for additional income, can type quickly and are able to be self employed in the UK, sign up through our recruitment academy.