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What is included in a verbatim transcript?

What is Verbatim? How much does it cost? What is it used for?

What is Verbatim? How much does it cost? What is it used for? 

A verbatim transcript is a carbon copy of the speech, written as spoken, and including everything with only a few exceptions. 

Removes only: 

  •  Ums and ahs 
  •  False starts 
  •  Repetitions  

If you require the above included, then you need to choose 'Umms and errs' as an extra service when uploading. 

Prices start at $1.48 | £1.19 | €1.73 | CAD$2.78 per minute.   

What is a verbatim transcript used for?

A verbatim transcript is ideal for record-keeping or research purposes when the devil is in the detail and you need to know absolutely everything that was said.

  • HR Record Keeping
  • Qualitative Research
  • TV/Film Editing & Subtitles

What are the alternatives to verbatim?

Intelligent Verbatim are condensed by our experienced transcribers to remove irrelevant off-topic chatter.  Perfect for Market Research projects and Interviews – your questions and input are summarized but the participant’s speech is captured in full. 

Perfect for when you don't want to wade through pages and pages. 

Prices start at $1.48 | £1.19 | €1.73 | CAD$2.78 per minute.   

Meeting Minutes provide an accurate and impartial third-person account of key discussion points, decisions and agreed actions of all your important meetings. Simply upload the audio or video recording of your meeting. 

Prices start at $2.00 | £1.58 | €1.85 | CAD$2.60 per minute.