What did happen to Brenda, our typing lady in green?

Update on the rebrand of Take Note Typing to Take Note

After 9 loyal years, she’s hung up her typing gloves and nestled herself into retirement.

Take Note Logo 2009

While she’s looking forward to sharpening her skills on the golf course and spending more time with her family, we’re taking this time to reflect on everything she’s been through in her 9 years of service.

Brenda, this is your last hurrah in ‘limelight’. This is your life!

Over the years we’ve seen Brenda adopt different postures, haircuts and offices a number of times. Never afraid of change, nor calculated risk, Brenda has been the unfaltering deity of Take Note since we came out the starting blocks, through every change and evolution in technology since 2006.

The Beginning

Brenda first came on the scene as a young whippersnapper when Take Note was a 2 (wo)man show.

As the audio flooded through the letterbox, the floor was a sea of cassette players, Dictaphones, and floppy disks with alarms wailing throughout the day for each cassette that needed flipping. It was a picture of entrepreneurial chaos.

They needed help. They needed clarity. They needed a figurehead whose majesty would shine a sense of calm, all-knowing wisdom across their transcription landscape.

Enter Brenda. She was bold, she was green, she typed to the side, she was everything Take Note were looking for.

After a round of gruelling questions, an in-tray exercise, and a quick photo-shop breast reduction, the girl in green was hired.

The Early Years…

It took some time to get used to Brenda’s presence but her composed stance and self-assured posture became our guiding light during chaotic days.

We all rushed to work in the morning but she was always there first, typing away, having already polished off a day’s worth already. ‘How early did she really start work?’, we asked ourselves, ‘how did she get her wispy fringe just right, every single day?’

Brenda saw us through some big phases in our lives: trucker hats, blankets with sleeves, camera phones and pulled pork.

We watched with her as the world said farewell to Michael Jackson, as iPods became redundant, and on February 12th, 2013 when scientists at Cornell University used a 3D printer to grow a living ear. Don’t remember that? Us neither but apparently it happened.


After many years we now allow men in the office (!), we’ve developed our own software, we have our own online portal; all sorts of achievements that have gradually awakened Brenda’s stoic mind.

‘It’s time for Take Note to move on,’ she whispered to me one afternoon. ‘You’re more than just another transcription company and it’s time you took a long hard look at yourself and what you look like’.

‘What do you mean? Some kind of re-brand?’

In a state of apprehensive horror, we mulled it over. Could we really find a new Brenda? What sort of emblem would say ‘typing’ as well as Brenda?

We searched and searched, and sketched and sketched, until eventually we came up with the new logo. When Brenda handed her notice in, we knew we had found the right new face of Take Note. We were ready and Brenda knew it.

So thank you, Brenda, for believing in us and showing us the way. As much as it brings tears to our eyes to say goodbye, we want nothing more than to honour your legacy by stepping Take Note up to the next level.

And we feel our new branding is something Brenda would be particularly proud of. It means business, but it has a softer edge. The logo says, we are the same energetic typing pool as ever but this time we’ve got technology on our side.

take note logo 2016

Now, what to call it?