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What are the benefits of freelance work?

Here we gain insight from one of our transcribers Stacey on why freelance work is great.

One of the highlights of providing freelance work like we do, is to learn about the lives of our transcribers and the myriad of reasons people choose to type for us. There are major benefits to each person who finds flexible, stay-at-home work suits their lifestyle. Here we gain insight from one of our transcribers Stacey on why freelance work is great.

What are the benefits to freelance work? Well, it’s fairly obvious really, the ability to work in your pyjamas all day! Actually for me, I don’t really feel awake and in work-mode until I am dressed and have brushed my teeth.

There are many reasons why freelancers have a better deal: you can lie in if you need it, you don’t need to iron any work shirts, you can set the thermostat how you want it and turn your radio up as loud as you like. You have a better choice when it comes to lunch: the whole freezer and cupboards full of goodies are a much better alternative to the boring cheese sandwich or expensive canteen. I work through my lunch so tend to bring a jacket potato with chilli, home-made soup or stir fry to my desk.

Apart from the trivial, there are some serious benefits to freelance work, especially when working from home:

No travel costs or traffic jams. When I had an office job I would spend £100 a month on car journeys for a ten mile commute. Plus, time previously spent on travelling can be spent on making money!

A quiet environment where I can get the most out of my day, with no colleagues distracting me for a quick chat, or an impromptu team meeting. This means I can concentrate on the task at hand and actually get a lot more work done than if I was in an office.

why freelance work is great


No Boss! That should be top of the list, really. I certainly hate being told what to do, so having the freedom to choose who I do work for, and planning my time accordingly is a huge benefit. I work as a web site designer, tester, auditor and as a transcriber for Take Note, so there is never a dull day.

flexible work

Flexibility has to be another huge bonus. As I work part time during school hours, it means I can quickly pop out to do the school run, collect an ill child from school, or take an hour out to watch a school play. Companies that offer testing and transcription work from home are a godsend to parents, and solve the problem that inflexible employers create.

If you would like to work from home and think you’ve got what it takes to be a transcriber, take a moment to visit https://takenote.co/careers/ and apply to our recruitment academy.