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Verbit Go Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Details on what Verbit Go can guarantee as an SLA.

Verbit Go offers our various delivery speeds, with faster turnaround times commanding a premium rate.   

Services via Verbit Go guarantees verbatim transcripts to an accuracy of 99% (Transcripts with a Full Proofread are 99.9% guaranteed).   

Verbit are able to turn around large volumes on tight turnarounds, but our turnaround guarantee is dependent on certain capacity limitations.    

  • If a file/project exceeds the per day total duration limit stipulated below, Verbit will still aim to complete the file on time, but the turnaround will default to the next turnaround on the scale.   
  • Verbit will discount the rate on a late file to reflect the actual delivered turnaround where the chosen turnaround is not met. For example, if the 24hr turnaround is chosen but the file is delivered in 30 hours we would discount to the next turnaround on the scale, 48hrs in this example.   

For all files, the following conditions must be met in order to guarantee delivery:   

  • Clear audio.   
  • Files delivered via the Verbit Go Portal or Verbit Go API.   
  • Correct service type/number of speakers selected on the portal during upload.  

Multi-speaker files are much more labour intensive than 1-1s, so we’ll need full knowledge of what we’re dealing with before we get started.   

  •  Speaker ID selected if it is required.   
  •  Any additional requests or instructions clearly communicated.   

Our turnaround limits are as follows:   

*Pre-booking required, please contact us.  

For overnight work, the file Upload deadline is 5pm GMT.