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How can Outsourcing save your business money?

Here at Take Note we have come up with some top tips on how to run a business on a budget.

Running a business is tough at the best of times but any business owner will tell you that the past few years have proved really hard for businesses up and down the country. We have all had to learn to live on a budget and save money wherever we can. Here at Take Note we have come up with some top tips on how to run a business on a budget:

Go Green!

We all know the importance of looking after our carbon footprint and your business is no exception, there are several small, inexpensive things you can do to save some money in the long run. For example, switching all the bulbs in your office to energy-saving ones can save you money on your electricity bills as they are much more energy-efficient than standard bulbs. Simple things like making sure all equipment like computers are always turned off before your staff go home at the end of the day can also reduce your bills. Simply leaving a computer screen on can cost you up to £50 a year extra, times that by the number of computers you have and that’s probably quite a lot of money!


In this day and age many companies are turning to outsourcing in a bid to save money. You can outsource your IT support to save having someone employed full time, outsourcing note taking and transcription services for any meetings or focus groups you have can also make a big difference as well as relieving some stress of ensuring the job is done properly.


It’s the 21st Century and it’s the age of the internet and social media, every business needs a comprehensive marketing strategy in place to ensure you are top of the game in your industry. Make yourselves known and build yourself an excellent reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business.

Here at Take Note we are a team of highly experienced and fully trained staff who can undertake all types of transcription services from market research to legal transcription and focus groups. If you’re considering outsourcing or need someone professional to carry out these services be sure to get in touch with us today.