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What levels of transcription are there?

A guide to help understand which service would best accommodate your needs.

Transcription – the perfect solution for fast-paced businesses needing to relay information from important seminars, conferences and executive meetings quickly. While it may be worthwhile to have an in-house PA to take minutes, the task is so time consuming as to take them away from far more important tasks. This is why many businesses are taking the initiative to outsource professional transcription services from us here at Take Note Notetaking & Transcription. As our name suggests, we offer premier note taking services, which due to the scale of our enterprise is done with speed, accuracy and efficiency; but to learn more about the service you obtain from us, read on.

We offer two main transcription services; verbatim and intelligent verbatim transcriptions. To learn which one would best accommodate your needs, we have devised the following guide.

Verbatim Services

Our standard verbatim service removes all ums, errs, false starts and unnecessary repetition, making it a coherent, smooth and professional recording of the meeting's events. If you require a higher level of detail we can also include all of the above.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription Service

For those that want an overview of the meetings events rather than a comprehensive report, you can opt for the intelligent verbatim transcription service. This is done by one of the two hundred typists based here at Take Note Notetaking & Transcription, who will effectively summarise the meeting, giving you all the information you need at a glance.

Live Notetakers

Another extension to our already outstanding range of services is our notetakers who are our fastest typists, we send these out to type ‘live’ in meetings nationwide. This service is something we have pioneered and is unique to Take Note Notetaking & Transcription. Our notetakers are an alternative to stenographers, they do not type 100% verbatim but capture around 80% of what is said and can provide draft notes immediately after the event with fully edited notes just a couple of hours later.

With over 200 hundred typists with the ability to type over 80 words per minute, and who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you can feel confident that the transcript is completed at an impressive turn-around. For further details, contact us today on clientservices@takenote.co.