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What is included in a verbatim transcript?

What is Verbatim? How much does it cost? What is it used for?

A verbatim transcript is a carbon copy of the speech, written as spoken, and including everything with only a few exceptions.

Removes only:

  • Ums and ahs
  • False starts
  • Repetitions
If you need the above included then you need to choose 'Umms and errs' as an extra service when uploading.

How many pages in a verbatim transcript?

  • 20-25 pages per hour of audio.

How much is a verbatim transcript?

  • Prices start at £1.09 per minute.

What is a verbatim transcript used for?

A verbatim transcript is ideal for record-keeping or research purposes when the devil is in the detail and you need to know absolutely everything that was said.

  • HR Record Keeping
  • Qualitative Research
  • TV/Film Editing & Subtitles

What are cheaper alternatives to verbatim?

If you're tight on budget and don't need every single word you can try our shorter and cheaper and alternative: Intelligent Verbatim.

Intelligent Verbatim

  • 12-20 pages per hour

Intelligent Verbatim are condensed by our experienced transcribers to remove irrelevant waffle.

Perfect for when you don't want to wade through pages and pages, detailed responses are captured with less of the chit chat and less of a cost.