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What are the differences between Portal 1 and Portal 2?

A quick guide on the main changes between Portal 1 and Portal 2 for clients

1.  Choose or create your project after you upload your files 

The biggest difference in Portal 2 is that you choose or create your project after your files are uploaded, rather than before.  You don't need a project already set up in order to start uploading files. 

After you've uploaded your files on the file upload page and chosen your services, when you hit 'Checkout' you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose an existing project or create a new one.  You'll need to fill out this information, and then hit 'Checkout' once more to complete your order. 

portal 2 upload

You can set up a project and share a project without uploading any files by clicking 'Create a new project' in the top right hand corner of your Library. 

You can upload directly into an existing project, as you would in Portal 1, by clicking on the 3 dots on the right of the project to open the project menu, and choosing 'Upload to project'.  This will prompt you to upload your files and select your services, and will upload straight into this project when you hit 'Checkout'.

portal 2 upload

2.  'Detailed Notes & Quotes' is now 'Intelligent Verbatim' + 'Highlighted Quotes'

Detailed Notes & Quotes was a distinct service in Portal 1.  In Portal 2, Highlighted Quotes is an additional service under Intelligent Verbatim (previously known as 'Detailed Notes'), like Timestamps and Speaker ID.  To order Detailed Notes & Quotes, click on 'Intelligent Verbatim' as your main service option, and then select Highlighted Quotes.  The service is otherwise exactly the same. 

3.  All files from all projects are available from your Library

You can see all files from all projects on the same page, your Library.  Each project can be expanded by clicking the arrow button on the left of the short id, to view all the files which it contains, check the status of your transcripts, and download the transcripts when they are ready. 

4.  Edit your project details and sharing permissions at any time 

Unlike in Portal 1, where project details could only be edited by TN HQ after it was created, you can edit the close date, PO number, project name or number of files due at any time.  You can also add, remove, or change the access type for users who your project is shared with.  You can also delete empty projects if they're not needed any more.  No need to send change requests. 

portal 2 upload

5.  Bulk download 

If you have 2 or more transcripts ready to download in your project, you can use bulk download in the project menu to download them into a zip folder with one click.  

portal 2 upload

6.  Hard delete your data 

We automatically delete recordings 1 month after your transcripts are returned, and transcripts 1 year after the transcripts are returned, but if you want to delete this data from our servers at an earlier point, you can.  

For projects that you own, you will see an option in the menu for each recording which has been returned labelled 'Hard delete'.  This will remove both the recording and transcript permanently from our servers. 

portal 2 upload

7.  Invite colleagues to your business account 

You no longer need to contact us to add a new user to your business account if they share your email domain.  More information on how to invite a colleague to your project.