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What is 'duplicate on completion?'

Find out when to use 'duplicate on completion' for business account projects

The end date for your transcription projects is now limited to no more than 30 days after the project was created.  After this date, an invoice will be sent for the work completed so far.   

If you select a date after this limit when you are creating or editing a project, you will see an error message noting the last date that your project can be open.  The end date for the project will need to be changed before you can proceed.    

If you know that your project will continue past this date, you can check 'duplicate this project on completion' from the same page. 

This means that when your project is closed by our finance team, a new, empty project will be created automatically for your remaining files.  

It will be created with the same PO number and project name (labelled Part 2), and the same user permissions.

You can duplicate an existing project that you own, or have full access to, at any time from your library. 
You can edit any of the details - Project name, PO number, number of files due, close date and shared users - as usual.