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What’s the Difference between Copy Typing and Transcriptions?

Looking into the world of transcription services and copy typing it can seem like a very confusing concept. Which service is best for you?

They all involve typing so what’s the difference? In this article, we’ll explain the function of both transcriptions and copy typing and what the differences are between them. 

Copy Typing:

In its simplest form copy typing is the typing of written copy. This could be a handwritten document that needs to be input into a word processor or a vital master document that needs to be duplicated. When it comes to copy typing there is no interpretation or editing required, it simply needs a typist to accurately type up the written document.  


Transcription services are a little more complicated. It involves the typist typing up a document based on an audio or video recording of speech. This is where the editing and interpretation comes in. It’s not as straight forward as simply typing what is written in front of you, you need the speech to be clear and coherent to provide the most accurate transcription of the recording. There are also varying forms of transcription services depending on the level of detail needed.  

A full transcription may be needed which will include every umm, ah and false start or a summary transcription may be required in which the dialogue is summarized into concise notes. Here at Verbit Go we offer a wide range of transcription services as well as meeting minutes. We have a team of highly experienced transcribers ready to work on any project you may have for us, big or small.  

For further information regarding the transcription services from Verbit please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via live chat or our online contact form.